The Different Systems Of Numerology

There are many people that are interested in numerology. They believe that by using amounts, they could predict what is going to happen to them later on. It is a system that is been practiced for centuries. There are lots of unique ways that numerology can be utilized. Throughout the years there are a good deal of different systems which were used for numerology.

  • Number definitions

This is a really simple system. There are no set definitions which are assigned to numbers. Rather each number has meanings that are similar. An illustration of this is the number 1 stands for person, leadership, aggressor, self and yang. These are extremely broad ways that someone can be described.


  • Alphabetic systems

In these numerology systems each letter is assigned a number value. Some kind of mysterious value is placed on words based on the complete value of these letters in the word.

  • Abjad system

In this system a numerical value is set on the letters of the arabic alphabet in a similar way to the alphabetic systems. The meaning of a word is determined by the value of these letters.

  • Chinese numerology

In this system a significance is placed on the amounts and mixture of numbers. There are a number of combinations that are considered luckier than many others. Even numbers are considered luckier than many others. This system aligns amounts with specific planets and with specific characteristics.

  • Pythagorean system

This system combined the job of the philosopher pythagoras with biblical references to help people understand things which have happened and predict what is going to happen in the future. There are lots of unique ways that individuals can use numerology predictions. They could use it as a hobby. It is plenty of fun to attempt and determine why things have happened and what is going to happen in the long run. If the analysis of numbers can help somebody do this, than it is a hobby they ought to engage in.

Some people will use numerology to help them make important decisions. There are some men and women who will go searching for a home to purchase and will base part of their choice on the numbers which are in the speech. If it is all even numbers, they may think it will bring them luck in the future. If it includes certain amounts which are considered unlucky, someone will pass the home by. It is these superstitions that induce people to do certain things. Both of them are used as a means for people to forecast what is going to happen in the future. They search for certain signs to give them hints about what might happen to them in the upcoming year. Some people will claim that if the predictions are right, it is just a coincidence. The individuals who have studied numerology will inform those people that nothing happens by chance, there is always a reason for this.